Monday, March 12, 2012

Thank you for holding!!

My major problem with calling insurance, doctors and other places that put me on hold is not really the press one for this or two for that, but the fact my phone gets really hot when I stay on too long.
I have gone round and round with insurance due to long ago we had Lovelace from my hubby.'s job.  It gets in the way of Loveless Salud and then my children's doctor's do not get paid.  So after a long, long time on hold this morning I am rather proud of the fact, I have that all cleared, and the glasses for Mr. E and Anna are in.
This means (insert big woo hoo) road trip to Las Cruces on Thursday. Glasses, whole foods store for steel cut oatmeal (my new love) and Sam's for hot dogs, buns and party supplies for bible study!
Now for some pages for 2012 year book.  I am happily creating pages to one fill a book of our ventures in 2012 and to keep my mind off the boys that are not in our home, but bouncing around in my thoughts and deep in my heart.
As I wrote earlier, going to Las Cruces is one of our get aways and fun things.  Here is a double page spread of two trips to LC:
Part of my get healthy heart regime is the green smoothie. I begin craving this thing now! Feels good drinking and I know I am helping my body.
The first shave.  I was told no pictures on the blog, but I made this page and the twinks liked it. So, it is approved to post publicly!
Another double pager! I had these photos and was struggling to find the right way to showcase them.  This is actually a new kind of scrap kit/page called layers. It has all the fun things on the page, you can rearrange and still add elements if you want.  It was a bit girlie, so I popped on some work things and grungy fonts and here is my oldest at his job!  My honey took the awesome photos.
Crossed everything off my TO DO list already this morning, except my walk, and that will be after lunch by myself today.  Hope your Monday has been as productive!

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