Monday, March 26, 2012

Plotting and Planning

I grew up as a Navy Brat.  My dad retired when I was in 6th grade, and then I was just a brat. Old joke, but great way to open a post!  This formed a lot of what I enjoy.  Packing and moving is one thing I really enjoy.  It does wear me out, but I still love it.  Add another weird idiom to my long lists in my personality.
I remember my mom had a box of curtains or material, and we would get to a new house and she would pull out the curtains and lay them out on the floor in the living room.  She would measure and hem and sew them up for the new rooms we had been put into. I loved that part.  It is real fuzzy, but I see her, cigarette smoldering in the big yellow (she has since quit smoking years ago) ashtray, coffee cup on the table, and material on an oval green rug.  My mom is a laugher, and really enjoys life, so I think she made the moves even more fun!
Since the offer was accepted, now I plan where everything goes, what rooms whom goes into and what things are needed to live in each room: The girls have claimed the tree room. It is most diffidently girly! They are set for beds, we are getting a table today that will go above their beds by the tree for light and fans and other crapola they acquire thru the day!  It has white shutter closet doors, so the room is perfect.  I am taking back my big dresser, so they need one with a mirror.  I have an oak one to look at today, and hope to pick that up.  Then they will be done! Yeah, yeah, yeah.
I heard  girls were hard, they seem to roll with the punches pretty good.  Their rooms are easy to pack and should unpack just as easy.
Then Mr. E and Gman has what we thought was a dinky room.  Then Mr. E measured it and they only lose a foot on one side. This is great for them, as the arrangement is good also.  The closets have built in shelves on each side, so they can place their things/clothes there also.  We are getting them narrow lingerie dressers from walmart to match their nightstands, and their room will be black and blue. Just like the bruises they inflict on each other as they wrestle in the room.  I am so thankful for the think carpet's that are in the bedrooms.  The thumping that comes out of their rooms sometimes makes my tummy ache.  "We are just playing mom!!"  You can see the determined face of Mr. E.  I was so thankful he thought to bring the measuring tape! They have two windows, one to the side (you can see the neighbors driveway) That is our property too! The grass, the tree and all.  The house sits on 1 and 1/2 lots! It is wonderful!
They already have black (light out) curtains, so that is a huge help.  They have the morning sun come in thru the window in the photo.  Mr. E is facing the back yard window. There is also lots of outlets! The boys have this huge surround stereo that they love!  Eric is going to mount it above the closet and run the wires so they have the bass speakers under their beds and the little speakers all around, for full heart throbbing thump. 
Abby loves being able to go in the boy's room without permission, can you see that smile!? lol, to be fair, Abby pretty much smiles all the time!! Behind Abby is the little boys rooms.  D, W and J will share a room.  One bunk and one single.  For now J will be in a toddler bed, til we get a big boy bed for him.  D gets the top, and W will have to take the bottom, until we get life straightened out.
The Lil' Boys room only has one window, but it is going to need black out curtains also, due to the morning sun. This is actually a larger room. You walk into the closet! I like that, because the floor is perfect for toys.  I wait for colors, until we know their favorite and such.
We need one more bunk for them, sheets for all, and maybe a dresser.  The big boys have one, but not sure how that will work for 3? Kinda playing that one by ear.
I want to get bedspreads that they love, love, love.  I wonder about this? Do they like Spiderman as much as G and E did? Toy Story? Camo or Sports?  All I know is I can't wait to know all this information.  I think it is going to be an adventure daily!

Next up, the master room.  For the first time in our marraige, the bathroom is situated so that when you turn the light on, it will NOT go in the person's eye still in bed. (This is usually me).   The only window in the room is towards the back yard (North Window) The room is huge, so we get our big long dresser back and Tony gets to use the highboy dresser again.  He has been using two nightstands for his clothes.  We have 3 nightstands.  I love our bedroom suite. It is all light wood, and matches so lovely.  I can not wait to get new sheets and curtains.  I want to go all neutral colors.  Soft and lovely.  We also have a full walk in closet!! it has one side for me, and one for Tony. It is nice, real nice! My shoes will be so happy again!  They have felt so cramped and frustrated in the places they have been living. 
As you can see the toilet is a bit close to the shower, but it is okay really.  Tony says that is on the list of things to change.  The shower is big and roomy, and not squishy on floor!
The kid's bath has two pedestal sinks and is the most gorgeous green. The tub is sturdy, and the tiles are real nice also. All white.  Think Dark Green towels will be good for hand towels!
That is the bedrooms and baths. Tomorrow the kitchen and dining! Thanks for touring with us today!


Pressed Petals said...

LOVE it! Boy o boy this is perfect for you guys!

Keri Jo said...

how much sq ft is your new house going to be? I like the double sink bathroom. We'll be looking at some more houses this week/end too... decisions, decisions...