Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Home School 2012/13 Register Time!

Homeschooling in New Mexico gives a whole lot of leeway for the parents.  There are very few rules to follow, but the major one is to register each year by 1 April of each subsequent year of operation for renewal.  Here is the link for my fellow NM homeschoolers and a gentle reminder, April is close. the image is linked also.

We are on Spring Break this week.  This means I get to organize my thoughts and books for next year. 
I tore apart my desk yesterday, making nifty piles and clearing off shelves on the bookcase behind me.
It was a right old mess.  I have my favorite books, our adoption training, homeschool and scrapbook tutorial books all jumbled.  Due to buying a home and all the paper work that makes, I need to make sure I have all forms in order.  So I cleared out the files, and organized them all.  Then tackled the home school for next year, and culled the things that are worthless.
The top shelf holds History we have done or will do in future. Second is Grammar, Math and Science of same.  I am holding on to past books for the 3 boys, in case we decide to homeschool them also.
The third is our plan for next year!! Woot!
I have everything but reading and bible for the twins and Gman.  I am leaning towards Rod&Staff, but also have a way cool book on the Narnia, that I may go over this week to get it in my head first.
We are ready to push on for 2012/13! Yeah

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