Friday, March 9, 2012

The Wa---aAaaait-----ing is the Hardest


My honey keeps singing this to me, as my emotions go up and crazy! You take it on faith and you take it to the heart!  I know it has only been a week. We have a date for the BIP-Best Interest Placement, which is legalize for the system to have all their ducks in a row before we actually have the disclosure.
The disclosure is when they tell us everything about the kids, medically, physically, and emotionally.  We hear the good, bad, and ugly about why and how they came into placement and what all they have been through.  Yes, tears and heartache is on the agenda that day. 
Then we WAAAaaAAiT three days (legally) before we can say yes or no.  At that time the transition begins.
We have no say in it.  The powers that be set it up and we go along with it.  They are out there waiting, and we are here waiting.  Whew!

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