Friday, March 16, 2012

Pi R squared?

Yep! March 14th, was officially PI day.  For those who don't recollect learning about circles and all that includes:

Diameter = 2 x radius of circle
Circumference of Circle = PI x diameter = 2 PI x radius
    where PI = PI = 3.141592...
Area of Circle:
    area = PI r2
So in order to find any of these answers you must know what PI is:

 pi (pi): A number, 3.141592..., equal to (the circumference) / (the diameter) of any circle.

If you noticed it is 3.14 which is March 14th on the calendar.  A few months back, my twinks were embarking on the area and circumference of circles.  Once they got the radius and diameter twist down, PI was easy.  I told them about National PI day and that we would go out for PIE that day.

They remembered!

So after church on Wednesday, to McDonalds we went.  Four apple (because they ran out of cherry) and 2 cherry pies, and ice cream to plop on top.  Pure bliss, especially to me, who hasn't had refined sugar in almost 4 weeks.  I tell you I loved every bite!  Did a page last night using some SBG products, Studio Danielle (a guest this month) and JenC templates (coming out today)

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