Wednesday, March 14, 2012

I Am Not A Home School Advocate

I went to public school.  I loved it.  My kids went to public school.  I loved dropping them off.  It worked for OUR family for many years.  Then the fights with time, and energy being spent with public school became way to much for US.  We had to part ways. I think it could be likened to divorce.  We attempted a trial separation, but the fights and anger continued.  Sadly, you can not seem to part friends with Public School, as the anger continues as you see the huge gaps your precious children have in their education.
Also Public School is not happy losing the funding that comes along with your children being pulled out of Public School.  It is almost like they pay "child support" because they lose large amounts. This is especially true when you pull 4 children out of the same school.
So remaining friends with Public Schools is a tough concept to hold.  But, you see I am not up on a milk crate, waving my arms at the ills of Public School or that EVERYONE should pull their children from Public School and get out a book and teach your kids at home. 
The two previous paragraphs were written due to conversations with a couple friends (very close friends), that can ask me about anything.
  side note:  (see how it is on the side?)
Heck, they are my friends all the time and
anyways, and strangers can ask me anything, 
I love to talk! 

With the coming of 3 boys, a question keeps being asked: Are you gonna Home School them too?
Good golly, I hope not! lol, just kidding, I will of course if that proves to be in the best interest of the kids!
I hope they thrive and do fantastic in school! Do I think they will? uhm...honestly no.
But I will do everything in my power to help them while they are there! I do think some principals will be hoping that the woman attached to their last name is not really Anne? I have fought the public system in the past.  I will continue to fight for my kid's education.  I want them to be educated in Math, real Science, real History and English,(which I loathe) and perhaps an elective....not sex ed, false propaganda or your views against Jesus Christ.  I will stand firm.  Maybe I am an advocate, but not for others, but for our family.

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Pressed Petals said...

VERY, VERY well spoken. That is exactlt how I feel. I am much less an advocate for others the longer I homeschool.