Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Come on in.

Welcome to our soon to be home! The Church! bhahha...could you shut the door?
All the way please? Thank you! Tee hee, since we covered the bedrooms and bath yesterday lets move left down the hall. The door is a big one! Fourty-two inches! Love that for moving, and real wide foyer.  The light is classy and nice.
The hallway has these very low profile but gorgeous lights.  You see the thermostats? Plural? One is for the heater that is a few years old, and in great condition! YES! The other is the 1 year old MASTERCOOL!! I know a lot of peeps here in the desert clamor for A/C, but I am not a fan of it.  The air here is so dry, to have any moisture added to the air is a big plus to me.  Less static electricity in the house too, especially with carpet! The fact that it is on a thermostat makes Tony happy, because he is married to Nanook of the north and I love it cold, cold, cold, but if I get too cold, I poke him to go turn the cooler off at hmmm say 3AM?? This will turn the MasterCool off and keep us all happy!
Now turn into what is the formal living room, and will be a homeschool/office kinda thing. The room is bright and cheery and has the most gorgeous light.
You can see it look into our master bed room. The bedrooms are all to the right of this shot, and the kitchen and other living room to the left. This room has the narrow (but they open) windows also.
It is a large and very inviting room. If you look at the top there is the entry way to the dining room. I love the design in the tile.  We have a light wood square table that will go right here perfectly (for now).  It seats NINE! How convenient!
I kept thinking the room was too small for the table, so we moved some imaginary items in to show the room we would have:
 They were supposed to be pretending to be sitting at the table, but Tony is standing on the table and Abby is just smiling. That is what Abby's do!  I then asked them to move the table.  This brought Gabriel in to the room. Tony moved but is still standing on the table, Anna moved her leg forward, Eric moved his torso, and Abby, she laughed right out loud!
Looking behind Tony, you can see the breakfast bar, then a window that is French doors to the back patio. The brown door back there is the pantry.  Right across from the bar is the entry to the laundry room.
Tomorrow, the living room, kitchen and bits of here and there!


HeatherB said...

Looks gorgeous Anne - congratulations! :)

Pressed Petals said...

been thinking about the question you asked about making "the church" look less like a church. It is really the windows and you can't do much about them. I honestly think that once you guys are all moved in having humans there, bikes, toys and the like will help. R said to play heavy metal at the front door!