Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Ketchup with those Fries?

Catching up for January, a month of intense craziness, but fun at the same time! We said good-bye to Buster Brown, the Yorkie dog we had for 5 months.  The previous owners just were having a hard time without the silly little dog.  Through tears (mine) and sad faces (kids) and a pet on the head (Tony) we said good bye.  Seeing that little dog so excited to run up to the door to his old home was hilarious.  We wish Buster the best!
I got a new cookbook from Pioneer Woman for Christmas and trying out recipes was a good thing for January! The pizza dough was voted better than any pizza we have ever bought!
As usual for before back to school, we do a complete scrub down of the bedrooms, and dust and clean EVERYTHING!
The girl's room was torn apart and re-organized!
You can see it is a bit overwhelming, but once it is done, it is a good thing.  The boys are a bit more of a team and quicker on getting it done:

Completed Rooms:
Helps school go so much better!  Place for everything and (finish it for me) Everything in it's place!

We had a road trip to Las Cruces to pick up the glasses for all four.  It was a great trip, stopped at Ross, got a few things, and then to Sam's.  We bummed a bit because the ice cream machine was broken!  We headed home, and the desert is flat and clear, so we go a bit fast!
To be fair, our speedometer is off 5 mph, and it is 75MPH! lol, but golly I sure would like to go about 100mph.  We go thru Border Patrol on the way home, to claim we are US Citizens!
Then Eric, always on the alert, yells, "Antelope!" I knew right off it wasn't antelope, but Oryx (not the vacuum), but the gazelles that have been released on White Sands.  You can read about this HERE!
This was waaaaaaaaaaaaaay far away, as I had to pull over at the (cough cough) speed I was going, and it was down the road a bit! I had never seen them before! The kids and I were pretty excited!
Stay tuned for the before and after of my hair cut that went viral (hahaha) on Facebook! Tomorrow!

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Mariah said...

Great to read you again! Can't wait to see the haircut!