Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Adopting through foster...what happens next!

I don't like it when my kids are not home, especially at night.  I admit it.  They can tour the whole town, run a muck through the foothills, pop in and out of friends houses all day.  When night comes, I want them all under my roof.  I go to bed after them. As we (hubby and I) go to bed and turn off all the lights and lock the door. We look in on them, and smile and grateful.  I can then sleep.  When they spend the night at friend's homes, I don't sleep too well.  I know they are safe, but they are not here.
Hence is why, my nights are tumultuous! Tossing and turning, up and down, eyes open and mind churning.  My boys are not here.  I don't even know the people that are tucking them in at night, waking them up and taking care of them.  My prayers each morning are filled with yearnings to cover them with safety and that they are not scared.  Then I pray for me, not to worry!
Friday, we have the B.I.P. Best Interest Placement.  “Best interest adoptive placement” is the adoption placement considered by PSD staff to be the most appropriate placement to meet the child’s needs and best interest.
We will listen to their stats, and thoughts. There will be legalize of making sure the boys medical and emotional issues can be met in our home.  They may ask us questions.  We may ask questions.  I guess then they huddle together and whisper while pointing at us and shaking their heads yes or no.  This is what goes on in my head.  Then a spokesman will say, yeah or nay to us? I am a bit fuzzy on this part.  We (all here in the CYFD office in our town) all believe we are the best place in the interest of the boys.
Once they say YEAH! I will cry.  That is guaranteed. Then I tell our kids, they squeal (girls), and boys say in deep voices YES!! YES!! and Tony hugs me and says, "Here we go again babe!"

***following is legal words from the
Then they have to schedule a “Full disclosure”.
A. Prior to placement, the agency shall provide full disclosure about the child to the foster family, adoptive family and the child’s PSD worker, and continue to provide full disclosure throughout the case and after finalization of the adoption, provided the information does not reveal information that would identify the biological family. Pursuant to the Adoption Act, 32A-5-3 (N) NMSA 1978, full disclosure includes:
(1) health history;
(2) psychological history;
(3) mental history;
(4) hospital history;
(5) medication history;
(6) genetic history;
(7) physical descriptions;
(8) social history;
(9) placement history; and
(10) education.
B. All records, whether on file with the court, an agency, PSD, an attorney or other provider of professional services in connection with an adoption are confidential pursuant to the Adoption Act, 32A-5-8 NMSA 1978. A person who intentionally and unlawfully releases any information or records closed to the public pursuant to the Adoption Act or releases or makes other unlawful use of records in violation that act is guilty of a petty misdemeanor.
C. Documentation provided for the purpose of full disclosure shall remain the property of the person making the full disclosure when a prospective adoptive parent decides not to accept a placement. Immediately upon refusal of the placement, the prospective adoptive parent shall return all full disclosure documentation to the person providing the full disclosure. A prospective adoptive parent shall not make public any confidential information received during the full disclosure process, but may disclose such information only as necessary to make an informed placement decision, or to the child’s guardian ad litem or youth attorney.
[ NMAC - N, 5/29/09]

Back to my babbling!!!

Keeping a running journal that can be public is on my heart, that perhaps a Google search may bring this up and another family will click and find that this is what can make them a complete family.  Please if you have questions, leave a comment and I will answer to the best of my ability.

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Ami said...

And when people say you had kids "the easy way", they have no idea how lucky they are to escape with their heads still attached to their bodies...

Having done both, I can say pregnancy is definitely much easier! Lots of hugs and prayers!