Friday, March 23, 2012

Dear Diary, I mean Blog,

My mornings have become very routine, up, coffee, prayer, blog then oatmeal.  It is like my diary of sorts.  The week of no school due to "spring break" is coming to an end.  My oldest worked all week, pretty much full time, and I miss him something fierce.  He owes me so math time  I love doing math with him. Mr. E is really smart, and honest.  He does the math (Algebra2) and then we score together. It has been over 30 years since I did this kind of math, so it takes my brain longer to process the steps.  I stare at the answer key when he gets a wrong answer, trying to remember why the exponents must be divided or the ratio isn't working, and get giggles when my brain man has multiplied 3x3 and gotten 6! bhahah  But we have a good time in the scoring.  Sitting next to each other, me with coffee breath, and him reading his long answers, each with reasoning.
All of the kids are sleeping in this morning.  They are beat, a long and awesome week of revival at the church, and playing hard.  I will poke them about 9am today, and then we are gonna tear apart the garage and back patio.  Clean, clean, clean the remains from last weeks dust storm and pack up what we can. 
Mr. E and Gman will go and find a place to get parts for the lawn mower and fix that, then football or just hanging with friends is on the agenda for them.  The twinks will hoof it to the library and hope that K is there to giggle with and send emails back and forth.  Rollerena tonight for the kids, and Tony and I are looking at a list of houses.
Thinking about D, W and J a ton. One more week til disclosure, and then the process begins to move again.  I have their pic on my desktop.  I stare at them, and honestly tears form and I have to look away.  I wonder what their voices are like, do they laugh with total abandon, and what makes them feel safe? Have they ever felt safe? Oh dear, but then I reel in the thoughts that take off, like a hooked fish with fighting zeal and hold to God's power and the joy of the Lord.
Off for some oatmeal!

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