Saturday, March 3, 2012

Happenings up the Hill!

The lovely village of Cloudcroft. This is a 20 mile or so ride up the mountain from our home.  My hubby works there for the Village.  It is an awesome job.  Great atmosphere and people.  That is what can be said about Cloudcroft in general.  We love it there, and hope to one day live almost there, in the half way zone of Hill Rolls. But that is a whole different story.  Today's story is what brings us up here.
As stated, Tony works here. Here he is taken a picture of a very happy young man for his driver's license.  The young man is our son, Eric! Pretty cool?  Tony does Plans and Zoning officially, and then the Village offers a Department of Motor Vehicles for the folks.  They are so nice and kind, people don't even realize they are in a DmV sub office.
Tony he works for and with  the Mayor; Dave, who owns a big building in the Village called the Pine Stump Mall.  It sadly burned down last year.  So they are rebuilding it. They needed a kid to clean up after the construction workers.  Tony volunteered Eric!  So now, my son does school from 8-12, then drives up the mountain to work!

He is having a complete blast.  This has helped us in gearing his next few years in home-school.  He is pursuing getting his license in general construction and other avenues!  He flat out loves it. The boss and crew see his hard work and I believe he has a full time job for the summer and has made some great connections also.
Tony and I got to take a CPR class up the mountain also at the Lodge.  It was the best CPR class, I have ever had.  Three people!

They have this way cool shock thingee now, that you actually apply it to a victim and call out clear, and then bam press the button...BZZZZZZZZZZZZZZ
Way cool!
So that is some of the happenings on the hill!

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