Saturday, March 10, 2012

keeping busy-scrapping and laughing

My kidlets went last night to the roller-arena.  This means silence in the house.  My honey and I decided to veg out on the puter. We had been doing so much spinning our wheels with the boys to come, a night of just veggie state in front of a blue screen sounded good.  I caught up with an on-line friend in Washington and laughed or LOLed with her a lot and scrapped! 
Yes, I scrapped! I had so much fun.  I am working mainly from my stash and Scrapbook Graphics things.  As I told all, I took a sabbatical from being a creative team member for the designers. I am just going to for the time being do a bit here and there.  I can't handle the deadlines (that I make for myself) with the amount of designers I was rearranging for! 
Working on our yearbook for 2012 is the main focus, and I finished 3 pages yesterday! I also have some for the Time Capsule Project I am committed to do with Scrapbook Graphics.  I love the idea of this peppered through our 2012 Yearbook.
First off the Time Capsule:

This is for Where We Live #4-and I might have to revisit this one later on in the year.
and #5 is I Get Around-Sierra Blanca, the focal point no matter where you go in my town.  
I did #6 too, but can't show it, because it is holding for the great unveiling on the blog! But I can show you this one, done with Studio Miki's Shades of Me Happy kit:
My girls being the happy little bakers.  I think they get it from their Grandma whom they love and adore!!  Proving that genes can be passed with hugs and laughter! I ♥ you Mumbly!
Okay, hold onto your seat, this next one is me, in costume for a drama at our church.  Yep, our church, where staying on the edge is normal! bhahah
 That is me! Hilarious!! 
I have had such a great time scrapping and it helps time to pass! I need that right now and I think you can look forward to seeing about a 100 pages between now and bringing our boys home!

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