Saturday, March 24, 2012

Today at 2PM we will put the Offer in on....

the church!! The color is the exact color of the dirt here, so it is perfect for us! hee hee

These are the pics off the realtor's site. I will take some today of us in it! But feast your eyes on that stove!! Six, yes SIX burners, and industrial stove for a mom of many who loves to feed people!!
Last night, our kids were off rollerskating and getting blisters, so hubby and I would gravitate towards chatting again and again.  There is no fear, anticipation or foreboding, just peace in this house.  It feels like us, our things belong in it, and we like how it sits alone, but not away.
Your hints and such to help it not look like a church would be helpful. Tony said we could spray paint a pentagram on the front...he is so not helping!


Anonymous said...

Lovely. The only thing I could think of to help it not look like a church is residential-like yard decor (like nomes, he he) and landscaping. Maybe a bench or something in the front. I know u love Jesus, but a cross on the roof would not help your issue. :-) Looks like a very nice house. - LaDona

Keri Jo said...

I was hoping you'd pick this one. I liked it cuz it did look like a church. Wish we could find something decent here. We're driving around a little bit today to look at a few we liked too. We just want a nice big yard plus a spacious house. Especially with homeschooling- we all need a little space. Can't wait to see if they accept your offer!!