Monday, March 19, 2012

Changes and Evolving

Now I do not subscribe to Mr. Darwin's evolution theme of life, but I do believe that our lives evolve with the changes that are brought through additions in your life.  As our family grows, our little nest that we snuggled all down in last June is quite clearly not big enough for the coming three boys!
We had signed a two-year lease with our landlords.  Tony called them Saturday, after the official yes from the agency (CYFD) was given on Friday.  I can NOT even begin to tell you the relief that came with the call to our landlords.  They were totally understanding and even offered to swap their bigger home for the one we are in now?  These are people that touched my heart with their generosity and kindness.
We really feel led to buy, and that renting is just not going to work with a family this large.   This is the craziness that transpires now.  Today we go to the bank to see what we qualify for and what we want to afford.  No debt and great credit rating.  We want a house that we can remodel the things that make it our home, but not huge undertakings, and not so strapped on the price that we can not afford to do these things.  Four bedrooms are a must, a third bathroom is a desire, but not a demand.  An extra den/family room for homeschool/computer lab is another need.  A kitchen that we can maneuver around, along with room for a table that seats at least 10!
So, at 48 1/2 for me, and almost 50 for my loving hubby of 22 years, we embark on buying a home, adopting 3 more children and we are still snuggling and laughing together!  Our plans do include, paying this house off in under 15 years! teehee
We have looked at a few, found some things we like, but nothing that goes, oh this is home yet. 
Over at Scrap Book Graphics, Maya had a brain storm of doing Snapshots thru the year that are like a Time Capsule to put into a yearbook.  I have just grabbed this idea and it's prompts to sprinkle in our 2012 yearbook. This prompt is #6 and is Music of My Life.  I took this a few weeks ago, and just ran with it.  I took a photo off the internet, extracted it and then filled it to a silhouette to represent our boys to come!

So, now we fill the waiting time, with packing (again) and looking for a place to live! We are crazy, but loving every minute of it!

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