Thursday, March 22, 2012

Ramblings from My Insane Brain

Rough morning here for my heart.  I was praying for the boys, and it just makes my head and heart ache.  I am praying for them, and me.  In the past, I get so overwhelmed and anxious, that I throw up and become covered in hives. That does no one good.  They are safe where they are at, safe.  Safe, but not nurtured they way I want them to be nurtured and that is the part that is just making me growl.
I did find that my body is loving this healthy new way of eating!  Monday, we went to the bank, got pre-qualified to buy a home.  It took a long time to run numbers, and we had a lot of questions, that start with "what if..." .  We got home and just decided on Wendy's.  I had a double cheeseburger and fries.  I tell you, my body went into shock.  I haven't had anything fried in almost a month!  Tuesday, I walked around the house almost ill!  Yesterday, I got up, had my oatmeal for breakfast, and spinach smoothie for lunch and a huge big ol' salad with grilled chicken.  I felt almost human again. 
The weather has been horrible, between the dust storms and hail?? Yeah, crazy, so I haven't walked and that is part of my freaky feeling too.  Today, the walking shoes go on and the feet will be moving.  Keeping healthy helps my brain and body work better.
There is a bit of my ramble for today, I am off to balance checkbook, scrub kitchen floor and clean my bedroom from the earlier dust storm.

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