Thursday, March 15, 2012

Heard on My Travels

Today was a road trip to Las Cruces.  The kid's eye doctor is there, and Eric and Anna's fixed glasses were ready.  This is our excuse to go!  We love going.  The kids because they don't have school and get pizza from Sam's for lunch.  I like it because we don't have school and they eat pizza for lunch! I had a Nathan's dog, no bun and a tart green apple.
I listened to a preaching CD on the way there, Joe Cambell on vision and it was exceptional.  Real food for thought and heart invading stuff.  On the way home, we tried to listen to Glen Cluck and a teaching seminar, but it was not a good recording and hard to hear.  We put in Tom Payne and KAPOW, it was on the power of your word and words! Giving your word and what that means and when you don't it is a lie.  Fantastic illustrations and all 4 kids were hanging on the sermon.  I mean it's a CD, and we were captivated!  He said this:

It was one of those quotes that stick in your head and the kids all were like whoa! I came home and had to make this page just cause it kept bouncing in my head.

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