Tuesday, June 8, 2010

We have eggs! Yes, we do...plural!!

Six am, I open the top and here it is...

Can you see it!??! oh what joy!!! Anna was the first up so she received the honor to pick it up!  We waited for the other 3 to wake up and Anna scooped it up with all excitement she could muster! 
(blinker blinker) change of subject-I am walking in the morning before school (yeah we are doing math and grammar thru the summer, and chicken as science).  We had explained to the numerous neighborhood children, as they like to ring the doorbell, and forget we are still in school.  I told Anna we needed to make a my daughter made one:
This is a HUGE joke in our house, due to a comedian named Kathleen Madigan, who talks about Rednecks and "we don't need no book learning" homeschoolers we do have some obscure questions and my kids like to do the dumb redneck speech...just to cause folks to ponder...weird little kids! hahah  Look at my proud, redneck, anti-social homeschool child!
 Back to your normally scheduled blog about chickens:

Remember this awesome woman? She is the one we met in the parking lot to pick up the two wild (free range) hens from yesterday.  Today, her sister (our dear friend, LIsa) called and said, I have two more chickens! oh we were excited...Janeice knows so much, she is like have an encyclopedia teach but with fun stories.  I told her we need to have her come once a week and teach science by Janeice...cause it is fun!!
She brought two more hens, they are a year older than those from yesterday and hand trained and sweet and cuddly.  Too cuddly for Eric, who held one and had chicken poop shoot out onto his shirt.  My clean freak boy was not amused, but he said he does like the chickens!
So we have 4 chickens, and Anna has named her's, Jaseniah, Abby's is Jalice, Gabe's is Jenny and Eric is holding out til he gets to know her better?
 Tony had to fix the ramp for the chickens so they could get up it, and they liked it...but one was roosting down on the ground...and we found an egg down there about noon!  Abby had to go inside and get it! Very excited!

Then, we dropped Eric off at the library for his job! (insert proud momma beaming) He is helping with the summer reading program and has a t-shirt to wear (that the chicken pooped on, but we rewashed it).
 Off we went to some pickups at Wal-mart and home to see yet one more egg!!!!! So 3 eggs in one day!
I am racing around trying to get a unit study together so we can learn and see! These chickens are amazing!  


Mariah said...

So much fun!!!! I've always had this little dream of having chickens, but my husband doesn't follow that dream! Maybe...maybe....some day....I haven't lost hope! Love reading about yours. I was actually going to call you the other day, just for fun, but I realized that I yet again, do not have your phone number. Drop a line when you can and this time I will for SURE put it into my phone!!!!

Keri Jo said...

Hello I am in the Prescott church and found your blog link on someone elses blog. We homeschool too and I've enjoyed your posts. We managed to do a small garden and have been wanting to do chickens too! I may start up ablog for our schooling this fall. Maybe we'll see you at conference sometime. Keri

dawn said...

hehe congrats on the first of many dozen eggies :)