Thursday, June 3, 2010

Senger Revival

Oh the revival was awesome, we saw visitors, salvation, healing, and our awesome core of folks come EVERY night! I tell you I could just do back flips, okay, I can't really do back  flips...I wanted to share a few layouts of the week!
I love the picture of Lisa with her son, Leland and Joseph reading the scripture.  Wonderful lady and seeing her life blessed is amazing to watch.

Having Pastor John Foley and his awesome wife sing for us, oh my goodness. I can not tell you how honored and wonderful this was.  Pastor John Foley's father was my husbands very first Pastor, and the Foley family will forever have a special place in our hearts.  To top it off, Sophie is down right hilarious, and I stalk her daily so she will be my friend...and yesterday was her birthday!!! woo hoo
See that smiling little girl?  Her mom had rushed her to the clinic, because she had a fever, nasty green boogers and horrible cough the doc told her it was pneumonia.  We prayed for her, and that is her, all better!!
Having the Senger's here for our first (of many to come) really stirred our people, our children and us!  I love this family! Please pray for them in Lake Havisu City and all that God is going to do for them!
They are having a big ol' Children's Carnival in a few weeks, and your prayers are appreciated!  I was honored to make a flyer for them!

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