Saturday, June 5, 2010

The chickens have been delayed!

Just a quick update, the chickens can't make it here til Sunday or Monday...a collective bummed out sigh.

 But I do have some fun pics of us getting our garden together:

I am very organized and I am not ashamed of this, mocked but not ashamed. ha ha...this is where the garden is going.  That grass has to come out, Abby and Eric are standing where the beans and cucumbers will go.  Gabriel is where the watermelons shall reside and the frog Anna is showing the other watermelon (we love watermelon) and the T's are for Tomatoes.

The kids are work-a-holics, they really thrive on this stuff:
The girls kinda helped the soil get holes in it, breaking up the grass roots...(and staying busy, telling me what they were doing) until the boys got some good chunks up.  Then the girls took those and transplanted those ones in the bare spots from the pool last year! We are country folks now! 

I was amazed at these two boys, they worked and worked! They are like machines!
Our awesome across the street neighbor, Mr. V- volunteered his rototiller!  He came and rototilled twice!  That was awesome!  
We started our beans, cucs, and watermelon from seed, the toms, peppers, and basil we bought plants!  It was fun to see them sprout and so quickly.

As we await, the chickens, I will get some pics of where the garden is now!  We are starting our compost pile this weekend also! We are dirt farmers!  Amazing stuff!

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