Friday, June 25, 2010

just funny things

My EHD, external hard drive died. I had just backed it up! well actually, transferred what I wanted and let the other stuff die with it. Very nice feeling!
Our local Winco, grocery store is remodeling. These are the signs up all over the store, so you know:
Can you see it? I just giggled...I bet you do too! lol

Abby is now the chicken girl of Yuba City. She sat in the coop. We had just moved it, so the floor was cleaner than the normal...nastiness.
She sat and feed them tomatoes. These girls love tomatoes! Two are a bit more tame, so she got to pet them. Abby is a bit scared of them, but she has much patience.

Here is a small video of her with the chickens

The little voice at the end is Anna, in two casts, that due to the dirtiness of the birds and things that can get on her casts we can't wash...she still has 4 more weeks of waiting to go in the coop!

We have a busy weekend. Tony is doing the Wednesday Bible Study on End Times, and last week was The Rapture! We had a full house and some fired up saints! We have outreach tonight.
It is a huge street party, last year, Alamogordo was here for it...thousands of people. This year our core of folks are gonna witness and invite to a movie;

Anna gets x-rays today on her arms. We have a follow up appointment Monday, so he can check and see how she is healing! We want the doctor to be amazed as they are both healed!


Julie (It is.) said...

My daughter broke her leg a year and a half ago. Unfortunately she was in Korea at the time, so I just got to froth at the mouth and worry about her while I prayed ;) I'll keep Anna's on the list. She's so cheerful, is she really that way all the time?

Love the chicken coop girl!

Linda said...

My ehd died in February. I was not able to back anything up though. Not a good feeling. Hope your little one heals quickly!