Monday, June 7, 2010

Fantasy layouts are really not my thing!

Okay, I like real things, I'm a meat and potatoes kinda girl.  Down home, heartland, flag waving American girl.  I have put wings on one of my daughters in a layout once...weirded me out!  I have never been into Sci-Fi.  I have seen exactly one Star Trek episode, Trouble with Tribbles, and thought they had to be filming under my bed.  I have watched the first Star Wars, and was frozen all they way thru it...all that dark black sky and high moving a/c in the theater in Napa, California. Okay, but I love Netta and her designs at Creative Victorian Designs.  Her team is hilarious on top of it, and we have Jenn on it, who is the master of Fantasy pages! Master!  So Netta did a series of Fantasy Realms, here are a few of the series:

So I played and played and Netta helped me with perspective and all.  I got a giggle, but here it is, Diva Maker!

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