Monday, June 21, 2010

I won a KIT!

I was boppin' around digiland, and hadn't been to Scrappity Doo I got myself all registered and looked around.  A few familiar faces, and some new ones.  Very welcoming place.  Those who know me, know that I am not a buyer of kits, but a connoisseur of creative teams.  I was also scanning the landscape for a designer named Gabs, whom is on Dawn's CT also.  She has a call going on, and I wanted to see her work in her house.
Well, she had a free pick a kit from my store and you might win!  I picked this nifty keen-O kit;

It is called Awaiting, and the colors of my dear Anna's casts. Yes, she has two! One green, one pink and the whole thing screamed make a layout of Anna!
I won it!!!
I love Gabs-Art! I then as a glutton for punishment, sent a begging letter to her for a spot on her CT.  Since I got 2 rejection letters today...and am a tough ol' bird...I figured...hey give it a whirl...worse she can do is say no! 
On a whole different note! I am taking classes from the great Miss Behaving over at Deviant Scraps.  A shadow class and an into to photoshop 101.  Both are superb, and my brain is oozing out of my ear with the knowledge!
Here is a little taste of my newly aquired shadows:

It is hard, she is tough, and has a full class.  I have been faithful to throw papers and drop books thru most of the class today. 

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