Monday, June 28, 2010

An epiphany of sorts!

There are these 3 ladies, that I chat with in scrapland.  They were like teachers, scrappers who are just beyond good, they are fabulous.
Kate from Scrap Book Graphics, the fearless chat leader of the Tuesday evening Ladies of the Night Chat.  She organizes with lists and games that make the chat hilarious and faced paced!  She also is a fanTAB ulous scrapper...she ALways has the wow factor, ALWAYS!
During the contest over 10 or more weeks, Kate taught me a lot about scrapping, blending and laughter at yourself.
The woman is HE larry US!
Then another named MissBehaving, I seriously thought she was an old woman living in a senior home in Florida when I first met her.  I had never heard of her, or her tutorials.  Yeah, I live under a rock!  Miss Behaving won the Layout of the millennium some where important.  She is that good.  She also teaches shadows and Photo Shop and people pay her...good duckets!
Then Chengie, who lives in Suriname, a country in South America, by Brazil! I actually met her because of a prank she pulled in chat, that I was privy blossomed into a friendship!
These 3 ladies are my friends.  They babble to me, and help me to enjoy the scrap process.  I am on alot of CTs, I like to stay busy, and I like the designers that let me rearrange their kits.  I was getting rejection after rejection and I think it was miss be, says, what is your style, what do you love? I had no answer...I just did layouts.
Well, that night, or early morning I lay in bed, thinking what and why do I scrap? I like learning things, I love opening a new kit, and I love writing about the kits and the layout.  I really like the writing part!  I think actually that is why I apply, I like to send funny letters to the designers, and figure if they think I am funny, my mediocre scrapping will be okay!
So I got up this morning and made two fun - just for me layouts.  I laughed all the way thru them!
I have no credits, because this is just for me...and that is how I play when I am furiously creating an oasis of words in a sea of elements.
Rule #1 (this is my rule, not enforceable to anyone but me)

then Rule #2-

I have a few more...but have to pull them out of my head and heart!


gabs said...

happy to see rejections don't bring you down. they really don't know what they missed!

and I love your new pages girl!

kate said...

You go Girl!! You are Fabulous!!

Julie (It is.) said...

I don't in any way shape or form think of you as a mediocre scrapper. I think you have a unique knack for finding the humanity in a layout and making it relatable and being very artistic in an accessible way. Whenever I look at one of your layouts it draws me in to find out the story that goes along with the mood you have created visually. I think that's real talent and something I don't find that often even amongst the so-called star scrappers.

Amanda said...

LOVE This post, Anne!!