Thursday, June 17, 2010

Anna Bo Update

Monday morning, I got the insurance run around with the receptionist.  She was rude and snippy, and I was angry....very angry.  I called all around, found out she was lying and called again.  I was very business like and kind.  She hemmed and hawed and would not agree to see Anna.  By this time, I didn't want anyone in that office touching my little girl.  I am clueless to insurance.  I called around and found a clinic that said, bring her in at 1:30pm today...I cried.  The receptionist was so sweet and kind.
We got there and it was packed, wall to wall folks.  I had forgotten the insurance card (it was on my desk from all the phone calls I had made that morning) and my driver's license was in a book I had brought to the emergency room on the Saturday of Anna breaking her arm.  Luckily, I had my old New Mexico driver's license with me!!!
The nurse that took us in, was sweet and helped me to unwrap Anna's arms. 

The Doctor was even better!!  He was patient to Anna.  He explained what he was doing.  Once he relooked at the x-rays, he said, she had broke her right arm twice (little bone and big bone) and her left arm once.

So casts were next.  Anna had already told me her hopes for a bright green and bright pink colored cast. 
The nurse says let me tell you the colors we have, "Blue, purple....."
The doctor interrupts and says, "Pink and Green." 
Anna was flabbergasted. We told them that is exactly what she wanted.  The doctor chuckled and the two of them did marvelous team work, wrapping her arm:

 They had to set the bones.  I didn't realize that.  Once the casts were on, the doctor pulled her thumb toward him and the nurse pushed back on Anna's shoulders.  It was a lot of pressure, but Anna is so tough:

She really does amaze me, to be so small and just the best little patient.  So she is all classier with casts.  The doctor told her to use her arms, not to use a sling.  Run, play, but no swimming!

Anna is doing all that and more!  She carries her sharpie around so anyone and everyone can sign her casts.  She loves the questions and attention.  She can feed herself almost everything now, and can read books!  She is even still doing math and grammar!  ha ha I so win the mean mom award!

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Julie (It is.) said...

Bless her heart - so glad she got pink and green!