Thursday, June 24, 2010

Carolyn Rose Kite-makes me smile.

I am on Carolyn's Team, for way over a year, think I am actually coming up on my 2nd year.  I have never downloaded a kit and not had her a kit within 48 hours!  I really love playing with her kits and love being a rabid creative team member.   I want her to be able to use my work for advertising.

Enter click, click, clicking of my EHD on Monday.  My smart hubby says, it's dieing hon, transfer all your stuff to your hard drive.  I listened! I also downloaded a few kits, and unzipped and filed...oops I filed on dying EHD.  It died.  Carolyn's new awesome and HUGE kit was on it! So now I can't get to it! She goes live with the kit, and the links are different.  I am freaking, and she resets my links and tells me to relax.  I can't, I have to get this done...aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah...I sleep. 
Wake up to rebuy the in the store kit, I am telling you GO TO PICKLEBERRY POP and buy this kit!  Right now it is 35% off! Good deal!
Fruitopia!  It is huge:
 I played and got some funny pictures of my girls eating watermelon...Anna so cute in her watermelon colored casts, and Abby loving the yumminess of watermelon!

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