Saturday, June 12, 2010

Double Trouble

Having children can make for an adventure! My kids love garage sales. They get up early on Saturdays to go around the neighborhood. It is more for the search of free things!
I send the cell phone with Eric, in case they find something we can not live without. When the home phone rang I figure it was them with such a find.
It was Eric, with his big voice, "Mom, can you come get us on Crest? Anna fell and broke both her arms."
I whooshed around the house getting keys and Tony jumped in the van and we drove around the block to my crying girl!! They had her in the shade. Her bike was all mangled.Apparently, she had crashed the front of her bike into the back of Eric's.

She is a little trooper, this video had me rolling:


KK said...

Life is anything but dull right Anne! Oh my goodness! Bless her heart and arms and you and Eric and all of it! I will pray for minimal pain and a speedy reovery! I broke my left arm in the summer when I was just 8 so I can empathize a bit with her!

Mariah said...

Oh, my word! I'm glad she's a trooper. What a way to spend the two casts. We'll pray she recovers quickly! I hate the think what must have been running through your mind in those moments between the phone call and actually getting to her!

Julie (It is.) said...

Awww, poor baby :( and poor Anna, too :) I'll keep Mama and chick in my prayers for a smooth and fast recovery!

Sandra said...

oh no, this is horrible!
sending hugs from my part of the world

Pressed Petals said...

These pics made me smile...only because we had already talked before hand! Praying for you Anna!