Sunday, June 27, 2010

Got a few more rejections, do I let that get me down?????????? no way

I got two emails, thanks but no thanks, and then my heart sunk when Clementine's list came out and I was not included.  I read the list and was like oh wow, oh wow, there is some talent! I mean they are really really good, and do the manipulative things with photos.  I make clusters and cute layouts.  I just think Clementine is a neat person, and I will stalk her in normal ways now! ha ha
So, I have 3 or 4 more applications out there....but I wanted to scrap today!  Luckily, Dawn Inskip, has a store full of kits I have not even downloaded (yet, but I plan on having EVERYTHING in that store eventually).
I already had Pets Rejuvinated:
 so I downloaded this one, Cabbage Patch
and pulled some fun things from Vivre (my friend Julie) of Julie. Itis. over at Plain Digital Wrapper

 Now I had the stuff, I got playing and laughing.  This is my favorite way to recently taken.  Giggling at what happened as I took the pictures.  It helps me enjoy scrapping all over!  Now I am also in the middle of Miss Behaving's shadow class, so I am getting a bit carried away with shadows at present time... I beg your forgiveness!

Nice way to spend a Sunday afternoon, now it is time for a little nap before church tonight!

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Laane said...

Lovely scrap.

Well, there's a lot of love for friends only online.

Maybe you should start your own team?