Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Templates that are What...Quickpages???

Quick pages are usually a flatten pop a picture in and done.  Dawn Inskip has done Above and Beyond templates!  They are indeed Above and Beyond! These templates have the opening for a pictures, but layers that you can rearrange, change the papers if you want, and elements that all match lovely.  You can add to them if you desire! The even come with lovely shadows!  I love this newspaper one, look at the glasses! The glass seems to magnify and everything!
I did a layout of dear Anna and her broken armS, yes, both of them!
I played a lot with this one, changing the colors and brought in some of Dawn Inskip's other designs. To highlight the Sutter Buttes mountain range here in our town!

This one comes in blue or pink, and I played with the blue one, to do a layout of Eric.  He is making breakfast for the whole family on Christmas morning.  I love that he is wearing his new San Diego Charger football jersey and my apron to keep it covered.
All of these templates are available NOW at Pickle Berry Pop with a 20% savings as new releases...hurry!


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Hollygtn said...

Dawn's new templates are amazing. I especially love this last one. Off to add it to my "Editor's Picks" at my new site Anne!

How is your camel doing? Mine is hanging out at an Oasis in the shade of a palm tree drinking umbrella drinks I suppose. I have not seen him lately I've been too busy!