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The world of scrapping needs support!

A few months back, I wrote on how many countries that the love of scrapping covered. I began with my dear Boss Lady~Charlie from Australia who gave me my first chance at creative team (CT) member. Then Carolyn Kite, another Aussie. I play and give the folks over at Snap and Scrap a hard time, and it is like being "down under" most of the time! lol
I have learned what gobsmacked is, seen that silly little bird (the one I killed) wave an Australian flag and seen the pain of these dear friends. Pain from watching part of their dear country go up in flames. Flames that wreaked havoc for miles.

It is now known as the 2009 Victorian bushfires. This has turned into Australia's highest ever loss of life from a bushfire.There have been at least 209 deaths and over 500 people with fire-related injuries. 100 people have been admitted to hospitals across Victoria with burns, 20 are in a critical condition of which 9 are in intensive care. The fires have destroyed at least 1,834 homes and damaged thousands more. The fires have left an estimated 7,500 people homeless. These people are far far away from me...but so close to these that have become friends.

I am not asking for 100's of dollars...but I am asking for $5. But for that a large group of designers have gotten together and made a Collaboration is beautiful and EVERY dime is going to Australian Red Cross or the Red Cross for the help in helping those in Australia!

You CAN NOT give money to the designers! You MUST give thru these official websites!

To get this kit, you need to make a donation to either of the following charities. I will tell you, it is not paypal, you have to use a credit card.

1. Australian Red Cross, or

2. The Salvation Army,

and forward your proof of donation to "carolynkite @ bigpond .com" - please put "Spirit of Summer" in the subject line. Donation receipts must be dated no earlier than Friday 20th February 2009.

***Please note: The Red Cross has been inundated with donations. While we are overjoyed with this, it means that some people may experience a delay in receiving their confirmation receipt via email.
Should this happen, please take a screenshot of the page that states "your transaction has been processed, to make a new donation please click here, and forward that to us instead.
Please include your donation amount in your email to us so that we can issue the correct voucher for you.

You will then be issued with a voucher to download this kit.

at NO time will any money be accepted through this store - all donations MUST be made to one of the charities listed above.

If you donate $5.00 you will receive a voucher for the Spirit of Summer kit.

But if you donate over $10.00 your voucher will also include the QP Album, with pages created by Jadelyn Alvarez and PST Designs.

If you haven't received your Coupon Code within 24hrs please email Carolyn again. But PLEASE if you have only been waiting a short time, be patient with us. Each of these coupons has to be issued manually, and therefore take time.

Designers who contributed to this kit are:

Ambowife Designs,
AWP - Designs by Vicki,
Carolyn Kite,
Color with Caryn
Desert Designs,
Designs by Aliya
Digilovers Addiction,
EmCee Designs
Zesty Digi Designs,
Studio Flergs,
Gillian F. Designs,
Holycow Designs,
Jeanette Bollinger Designs,
Julie C. Designs,
Kim B,
Kylie M. Designs,
Lindsay Jane,
Mel H Designs,
Mitsybelle Designs,
Scrap It - Designs by Brianna Cox,
Piggy Scraps Designs,
PST Designs,
Scrapidea Timkova,
Shazbutt's Digi-Scrapz,
Charlie's Digiscraps,
Skrapper Digitals,
Carjazi Designs,
Sweet Blossom Designs by Sara,
Chaos Lounge,
Toni Autrey Designs, and
Wench'd Grafix

Please be aware that most of the files are 100MB or over. If this is a problem for you, please contact me and I will arrange smaller downloads for you.

On behalf of all the designers mentioned above, we would like to thank you for your donation.

Amount raised so far : $1301.00

Can they add yours?

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

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Thanks ever so much for your support Anne..((hugs))