Tuesday, February 3, 2009

Do you remember Paper Princess?

Once upon a time, there was a contest at Stone Accent Studio's and a very sweet designer entered a contest and created a beautiful kit called Paper Princess and she gave it away free! The sweet little designer is Charlie, and although she didn't win the contest, she didn't give up...because she is the heroine of the story and heroine's never give up.
So she began selling her beautiful kits at another store, and then SAS asked her to be a designer too. She was so happy, all the people that got her freebies, still came to her site and asked if one day if she could make a kit for the princes in their lives.
And since Charlie is a heroine....she did...
And then they all lived happily ever after...
Not the end...
just a fun way to introduce Charlie's DigiScraps newest kit: Paper PrinceThe kit is available at SAS now and should be ready at Snap and Scrap by end of the week! But wait, pop over to Charlie's site and she has so much other free things! Tell her Anne says, get to work and make another kit!

I made this fun layout with the kit. It is my boys intently trying to win tickets at an arcade...I love to watch them play and scheme together! I took it thru the glass of the game!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

oh Anne Ive never felt so heroic until I read your blog..thanks for making me sound so wonderful..and for viewers out there the kit is in the shop at snap ;)

LouCeeCreations said...

lol! could make a good scrappin' journal :)

Caryn said...

Anne, you seriously crack me up.

Love the photo through the glass, by the way - very cool!