Sunday, February 15, 2009

The Race is Over (for me)

For the past 6 weeks, my partner (Alamama aka Christine) have been doing our normal scrap CT work, and took on 2 extra challenges a week...why? Because I thought it would be fun, and we would be scrapping together and since we are learning this stuff, why not challenge ourselves. I am not going to lie, I won't do it again. It was like doing challenges on a forum(not my favorite thing anyways) but with a quicker deadline and crazy rules. I didn't find much enjoyment. I did rediscover some forums I had not been too in a long while, Gypsy Pixel and Scrap Orchards!
What I did find was some folks that are downright hilarious! The lady who had to make sure we adhered to the rules described in each challenge is called Gurl on the Sun (yeah, that is the scrap world, we have wierd names) and she was in one word a hoot! Getting a private message from her, meant you had totally screwed up your layout and needed to fix it...not a fun thing.

I really like challenge #2~ it was to take your first layout in any gallery and redo it...oh thank you...I redid a speed challenge that got me hooked on digiland scrapping that was hosted by my dear partner Alamama back in September of 08? It was a horrid layout...but the redo was fun! The original is the ugly red one...this pic is the first ones we took of the girls when we picked them up! Just so beautiful, they scared me!

I also was able to use some of the designer kits that came out during the race to be inspired to use their kits for layouts. I think 4 of them were done with designers I CT for, so that was good. Then came challenge #7 and I had an attitude about a mile was to scrap with this kit, with this bird that I see all over scrap land, and I HATE the bird...hate, hate hate it! So I killed it! Yes I did! I layed that bird on it's back and did some paint matching over it's eye and used a mystery font and typed in an "X" where the eye should be. It looked dead, and I was happy, as a final twist, I put the wrong challenge number on the bird and no one even noticed, they were so excited about my dead bird...I had over 40 comments on NDisB about the dead bird layout, and then I got real froggy and went over to DST to see how it would play in the Praise Game...yep i got a few nice layout...cause people just don't look at the layouts, they just post to post! ha ha, so that made me laugh more..
I had people asking me to kill the owl, strangle the fairy and one who so loved the layout she printed it and has it on her bulletin board! I told PillowGirl (aka Elizabeth) that I was waiting for Oprah to call and have me on...I heard you get a new outfit and a limo drive to her show...ha ha, the phone hasn't rang yet!
I refuse to take this scrapping too serious...really, 99.9% of the people are so real and funny and just a blast to babble with...but the.1% that take it is too short to let dead birds bum you out! My hubby has recommended that I change my avatar to the dead bird! I tell you I love that man! I could become the Dead Bird Girl of Scapataz! ha ha

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!
Cause I refuse too!


charlie said...


Julie (It is.) said...

I think the serious people need to be featured in a layout, and I'm pretty sure that you are JUST the person to do it ::Big Evil Grin::

There was a point midway through this whole ADSR thing where it suddenly became a mission to be subversive. I'm ashamed to say that that was when it really became fun. I know that were aghast about Gurl on the Sun's "banned" layout, but I have to say I appreciated how clever it was. And I LOVE clever. So no naked men nor dead birds in any of my layouts, but definitely a spirit of individuality. Otherwise some wise cracking women will probably put ME in a layout with an x where my eye should be...

I raise my coffee cup to you and your spirit ;) Cheers!

eilajean said...

You are a hoot! Keep the alamo anne joy - it is always refreshing! Love your layouts, and am glad you are going to be able to just scrap the way you scrap - cuz it is good!

Have a great day!


Theresa said...

I'm so glad you participated in ADSR 4. We're thrilled to have had you and your partner, but sorry to hear it wasn't more fun. Because, really that's what it's all about. And Gurl! She's a riot! I'm just tickled that she was your checker. Sounds like the perfect match!

Gurl On The Sun said...

I'm so glad you had a great time during the ADSR!! It was a blast to be your checker that's for sure. You and Alamama are complete riots!! The Dead Bird LO just might be as popular as my famous Girl Talk LO!! :)