Monday, February 9, 2009

6 Feb 2009

This is another orchard, I think it is walnut also...but haven't seen anyone do a thing with the orchard in a year. The yellow flowers the Indian (punjabi) folks in the neighborhood pick for some reason? I thought it was a mustard weed...but what is one persons weed is another's flower...I guess. If you look in the middle of this picture and then go down, there is a white comet looking is I was taking the picture it started to rain....HARD and fast...and I was in my slippers! I had just dropped the kidlets off at school and had my camera. These orchards are just beautiful to me. I was playing with the film speed, and other buttons on my camera...this was my favorite!

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Chreamps said...

I love orchards, too, and this looks like the start of spring to me! Beautiful pic, Anne!