Tuesday, February 24, 2009

11 Feb 2009

I did miss a few days, but better to get up on the horse and ride then wallow in the horse turds....har de har har. Laundry day, and a day late, Wednesday.
Why is there a Shamu going in my dryer? Because my oldest son needed it washed...he uses it as a pillow between him and the wall...he must sleep pushed up against something. We stayed at my parents when he was 5 and he kept falling out of bed, until I figured out he needed to have his head pushed against wall, dresser, something. My hubby got this over priced whale at SeaWorld for my son 7 years ago? Goodness, time flies. My honey came walking out of the gift store as we were leaving the park, and Mr. E's face just light up...I have a picture of him sleeping that very night with the Shamu. He doesn't even mind if people know. That is how my E is, he will just bluntly say, I sleep with a stuffed whale. His friends then all come clean and tell what they sleep with. I love that he does nonchalant about it.

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