Tuesday, February 17, 2009

My mom at age 11!

I spent my Mom's birthday with my parents. What a great day! It is an hour and a half drive there and it was sprinkling and overcast. Was a nice brain relaxer. My dear sweet hubby kept the kids as they were out of school!
My dad made these huge hamburgers! Layout to come soon...haha! We ate at the table and then went thru old pictures...
It was so much fun, to hear the names and stories of the pictures. My dad kept making me laugh! Well, he always makes me laugh!
This picture was one of my favorites as a kid, my mom just looks so beautiful...I always thought she was so much older than 11 in the picture. The words on the layout are the exact ones on the back of the picture, written by my mom! This is all done with Carolyn Kite's kit Charlotte's Dream over at Scrap&Tag.
Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


christine said...

Very classy LO! You're going to have one very nice book!

charlie said...

wow that mum of yours had great legs!!!!!