Thursday, February 19, 2009

Thursday-more of Tete

For those who don't know, my mom is Patricia, but she she was called Tete her whole life! 'Cept my Dad calls her Patti (with an i)...I call her
well more fun pics of Tete in 1956! She is the raging beauty in the circle made by the ribbon. I don't have the whole story of the bluebird and redwing cabin YET! ha ha
If you click on the picture, it opens a new window with the layout a bit larger! Are you in there too???
stay tuned, because I found a few pics of Donna, then and now...laughing...and am pondering a fun layout for her!
Next up, Tete in ballet....I know where I got my grace....hopefully tomorrow!

Thanks for reading!
Anne Marie

Never lose your joy!

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Christine (supertwinkle) said...

Hi Anne - I saw your comment on the Digi Dares. I CT there (& also at Pixel Gypsy!) so I know you! Anyways, the weekly Dare challenges are due in one week, so by next Thursday at 11:59 PM Eastern time. Hope you participate!