Friday, February 20, 2009

She is a doll

Well the final dance layout! She is beautiful! I giggle thru these layouts, for a couple of reasons. First, because my mom laughed when we talked about them, and second...I am a total clutz. When we were moving to Japan, my parents taught me how to say, "I'm sorry" in Japaneses first, because I was forever bumping, falling into other people. So, when Carolyn Rose Kite came out with this kit: Charlotte's Dream with ballet slippers, I figured I would have to pass on making any layouts with it...ha ha!
Then I remembered the pictures I had seen of my Swan Lake madre'....and plans had already been made to go thru the old pictures...I called and specifically asked for the tap dance one. Which I should add, is getting numereous comments in regards to her beautiful legs and nice Vintage photos...tee hee!
I enjoyed being able to create with my mom as the center piece! I hope you enjoyed being the star of the show all week mumbly! It is great having her friends pop in from all over the country!

Thanks for reading!

Anne Marie

Never lose your joy!

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