Monday, February 23, 2009

failed, but not misreably

I can not do the 2 blog thing and show these daily...I am taking pictures and I am doing layouts tons of them...please pop over to and see what I have been up too! I miss poppin around, so I am gonna do that once a week versus trying to get these pics up on the blog in order of
I will pop some up here and there...but it takes forever (seems like it sometimes).
You see I have 2 puters...laptop is the only one with internet. My main brain computer, where my external drive and all my layouts, pics and stuff is does not have internet. So I have to go thru my pictures and label and then put on thumb drive, bring to lap top then I put it off and put it off...bad bad me...
but I have been busy and have spiffied up some of my shots and made some fun layouts (the reason I take the pics is to do the layouts right?)
So to my friends, I will update this tomorrow with a few pics, but can't do is simply too much!
Thanks for visiting today!

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