Tuesday, February 24, 2009

12 Feb 2009

That would be sunshine coming in our living room! It has been a long drizzly week! Felt good to open the windows and get the damp closed upness out of the house! You can also see our very old wood stove that I love, love, love. It really has been a help! I have gone thru almost a 1/2 a cord of wood! year, a full cord. I am actually looking forward to our PG&E (gas and electric) bill. I so hope we were able to cut it down substantially. I'lll let you know....hey I might even take a picture of it.
The funny part of this picture is I must have just vacumned because Lady FluffyPants is not on her throne. It is the top of this chair, so she can feel the warm of the fire and look out the window when she decides to open her eyes. Cats sleep alot!

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