Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Monday morning 23 February 2009

Mr. E was racing to get his camera and me mine! The sun is out!
Yesterday, it poured all day, I let the kids play out in the rain riding bikes and playing football with a few other insane neighborhood kids. It wasn't cold, just very very wet! They had a blast, but came in thru the laundry room, stripped down and wrapped in towel and immediatly into warm shower with hot cocoa afterwards. Was a relaxing day, so relaxed I didn't take any pictures.
But this rainbow popped up at 7:30am and the sun was beaming thru dark clouds as we took off for school. I took my camera with me, hoping for some more lighting shots...but the dark black cloud prevailed and the heavens unleashed a huge amount of rain most of the day!
but the rainbow was a full one, that is just the right side, it went right over our back yard...nice to see.


Emma said...

That was a beautiful shot of a rainbow!!! The last time I saw one it was a double one and I didn't have my camera plus we were in the car.

petra a*k*a milo82 said...

wow stunning photo and rainbow

Emma said...

Hey Anne, You posted on my blog with the rolls. No secret it is called cheating, lol. I just bought the frozen rolls from Rhodes, let them rise and bake. I had to make 108 rolls so no way was I taking chance on them coming out right.

Karen I. said...

Beautiful rainbow shot!

Christine said...

Yeah! I love it when you update. I am about to update mine! I love your photos! That's exciting about the kids playing/singing! Your house looks beautiful!

bentonflocke said...

beautiful rainbow!!

eilajean said...

Great post... I have been slacking on my reading. I loved playing in the rain as a kid - as ling as there was no lightening. I am still scared of lightening! I am a huge fan of rainbows... you should have done a panoramic to get the whole thing. PS has a great program for doing photo stitch..

have a great one!