Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Now for February!

4 Feb
In 1986, I was a younger and very wild woman...I am still a bit wild, but not like that...ha ha...anyway I blew out my knee doing "break dancing" while very very knee has been trashed since then...thank you military hasn't hurt in a long time, well I did something a few weeks back, and it has hurt for a while now. One of the kids teachers told me about Glucosamine, and my sweetie hubby got me some today. So this is my jar of pills for my ills! ha ha...hoping it helps my aching leg...I am too young to ache...and have way too much to do to I don't stop, I keep going, so this little gelcaps are gonna lubricate my joints! woo hoo

3 Feb ~ no guilt, kinda bummed, cause I thought I got them all, but I missed this day, so I was challenged by one of the ladies that follows this blog...ValerieGail? I forgot, I think it is on my regular anneof alamo blog...but you had to go to the 6th folder, and keep doing the sixth til you got to the picture..and this is the one that came I figured that was a good PASS card for missing taking a picture..and it works for is my hubby before he was PreacherMan at our home church in NewMexico, getting ready for song service...see the pick in his

2 Feb
I love this picture and am going to extract AnnaBo from it and do a layout...she is totally into her laugh, she just put her brother on the ground! They were all wrestling on the front lawn and AnnaBo was triumphant on putting Gman on the ground. I snapped about 100 pictures of the big event...and will be doing some layouts with these shots for sure! Dad had just pulled up in the truck in the background and was laughing. I love when he comes home and life is happy and full of joy. Makes me feel like I am doing my part well!

1 Feb

We had church, didn't have the huge crowd we were, we had one...our dear faithful saint...we bummed for about 7 minutes and then laughed enjoyed the service and watched a great superbowl (one of the best football games I had seen in a while). I think my PreacherMan looks rather dapper too against that lovely blue curtain. He preached a great sermon...

This is during song service, he plays the guitar and sings.. the overhead is done on the projector with one of the girls manning the laptop to change the powerpoint slides.. We are a well oiled machine!
Isn' t that pulpit great?!?! The Jamison's in Oroville blessed us with it!

Thanks for looking at my pictures, I hope you arn't too bored with them, but our lives are full and this has been a great way to keep a journal too!


JanMary said...

Great collection of pics, and don;t worry if you miss a day or two - you will still have a fantastic collection by the end of the year.

Thanks for visiting my Northern Ireland blog :)

Welli Designs said...

love the pictures. And I also take glucosamine every day...for my knee....

Siw Aina said...

Beautiful photos!

Chreamps said...

Great pics and I so enjoy your journaling.

Okay, wish you had a picture of you break dancing! I would probably break my neck trying to attempt something like that. Hope the Glucosamine works. Something else that is good is fish oil capsules, and they are also good for your heart and women in general.

Love your 6 of 6 pic! My son does the same thing, he always has a pic in his mouth at home. I always tell him he better be careful and not swallow it (LOL)!

Love your photo of your daughter's laugh and the story behind it - yeah, girl power! That will look wonderful in a layout.

Congratulations on your first service - everything looks so nice, including your hubby! Hey, it will build from one!

Take care and enjoy your week! Thanks for paying me a visit, Anne!

Rebecca said...

Great catch up :)
Love your daughters wrestling photo and the story behind it.
I wonder if Glucosamine would help my hip. I've never heard of it before