Monday, February 9, 2009

7 Feb 2009

Now that my hubby's office is safe and sound down at the church building, our living room is officially a family comfort refuge room. The kids love it, they can read, play games or just hang out. We broke it in last night and played a game of Things. Lots of laughter and it was so cozy, well okay it was not cozy, it was wicked hot. I got a bit carried away with putting on logs in the fire, cause I love how the coals just immediatly combust into flames! We had to open the window it was so hot! But, it was a memory, right?

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Chreamps said...

Love your living room and your couches! Sounds like a great evening and there's been many a time when we've had to open a few windows when the fire gets a little too hot (LOL)!