Wednesday, February 4, 2009

been wild and crazy, but I'm still clicking!!

31 Jan~A whole month, only 12 months to go! I did it...I kept the camera with me and that helped. I am bummed I didn't blog more on it, playing catch up is it is Saturday, the church is being set up for well, church! woo hoo..Mr. E and my hubby PreacherMan put up the PA and get the guitars was very exciting...the floors are all mopped, bathrooms clean, it smells good. Tony flipped that switch on the amplifier and we did a little song service just the 6 of us, excited about being used by God...I tell you it is so much fun!

30 Jan~My kids go to a public charter school with uniforms! I love it and the uniforms...and we keep the uniforms in the linen closet...seperated by sizes. They are supposed to get their uniforms together at night, because I am an organized woman (with 4 kids and a busy life married to a pioneeer pastor it is important). One of my kids...G-man is usually sauntering around in his tighty whiteys in the mom took her pic of the day...he could not believe it...but he has gotten his uniforms out at night since then...if you look real close, his sister Absolutely is looking at him laughing from her room (already dressed in her uniform)..
I censored it because, well, I am a nice

29 Jan~the carpet goes down! Dan came once again to help us! What a blessing to have them close and so talented too! Dan and Tony laugh alot together also....and that is a good thing! You can see Mr. E watching, he wants so bad to help...and will in a heart beat go and pick up something or hold anything immediatly for them...My son has a servants heart and a willingness to is such a help to us!

28 Jan~Before we put the carpets down, the kids and I graffittied the platform....we will always know that our names and drawings are under there. It is a fun thing....I want them to enjoy being PKs and it to be an adventure too! They were so cute writting their names and nicknames, their birthdays and drawings of cars and flames. Kind of a time capsule under carpet. This picture is Anna's heart you can see she wrote she is the sister of three! I think Gabriels tank is shooting her! ha ha
27 Jan~

The boys took the extra wood from the platform (at the church) and a drill (I am one awesome mom) and made a ramp for thier bikes...This is G-man in his words..."flying". I took so many pics of them...the twins were a bit scared but they got over it and they to were flying! The boys tried to do a ramp that was almost 3 foot high, so mom had to intervene and tell them to start I didn't have the time to go to emergency room then....

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Chreamps said...

Wonderful pics, Anne! You all have such a rich, full life and I love how much you enjoy your hubby and your kids!

Looks like your building where you have your church has a a complete transformation and looks wonderful! What a great idea to let the kids do graffiti on the platform - they must have had a ball doing that!

Love the underwear shot with the censorship, too! Great motivator! LOL!

I remember when my son was into ramps and "flying" - great action shot!