Friday, January 2, 2009

You are never too YOUNG!

I wanted to tell you the "rest of the story"
I was on Hummie's awesome New Years chat...and met some awesome people. A lady came in with the name of Kiki. I had just finished some guest work for a designer named Kiki, so I thought maybe it was her, and was excited to have "live" chat with her. I asked if she was a designer...she said yes. After a bit of chat, it wasn't the one I had done work for, but a sweet lady too! She asked if I was a designer. "oh no, I am just a professional CT!, I love scrapping" She then said would you like to give my kit a try...She looked at my gallery here, and I at her store, and her kit. It was a sweet looking kit, Sweet Dreams Little One.

The chat room continued to go on, and the subject of kids came up. I asked Kiki if she had any kids? She laughed and said no, she didn't as she was only 14!
I was amazed...she is a lovely young lady and I did a layout with her dear kit and just wanted to share this story with ya'll. Please welcome her and her designs...she has her own store and blog; Kiki's Designs! I love this story so much! I asked if I could share this at DST and here my blog. She said sure. So I am! I hope you smile in amazement at her accomplishments!oh goodness, here is the layout I did with her kit. House on the Beach

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


Anonymous said...

Anne, thank you SO MUCH for telling about my sweet grand-daughter,Kiki! She is even more amazing in real life : ) I like the layout you did with her kit she offered. Can't wait until her gallery is online and we can peruse it as well! Hugzzz, Carla H.

Moda Designs said...

Anne, what a sweet, sweet story! This is a beautiful page you have done with Kiki's kit. Thank you so very much for sharing your story about my daughter Kiki. Of course, I am proud but your sweet comments have made me swell with pride even more. Again, thank you and may God truly bless you. TFS

Kiki_2 said...
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Kiki_2 said...

Anne, thank you for all of your very kind words and encouragement!
Are there going to be anymore chats going on at Hummie's soon? I will be looking around in the forums tonight! :)