Tuesday, January 20, 2009

I am so back and ready to go!

Just a pop in to tell you,

I had the best time relaxing and away from the internet! Was a good break. These taskmaster designers...woo I love them all. I had thrown some extra weight with the NDiSB challenge on my plate and kinda went nuts-O keeping pace. I have made some adjustments and promises to myself. So I am back to more joy and no stress! Here is a layout made from yesterdays get away! It is all done with PillowGirls kit; Timeless Romance. Be on the look out for free give aways of this kit soon! lol
Being together as a family on a "fun-fun" day to Collins Lke. Our first time there. We laughed and enjoyed the quick day trip. Anna tried to catch fish with a hand made pole complete with a line and hook with weights that Eric found. Bait hunting brought a millipede and a worm that gave their lives. The boys scouted for finds. Gabriel whittled. Abby brought home clam shells without the clam animals in them. We finished the best ice cream cones!
I make my poor family pose in these abscure ways. But I wanted to catch this..we are on the shore of a lake. Isn't that pretty? I loved the colors and how we looked, my butt doesn't look too big huh? no answer needed...Michele, stop laughing, you will choke....ha ha
I am off to wake my little children who slept like rocks all night!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

glad to see you back all refreshed!

Anonymous said...

wow this layout looks great, I love it :)

Ingeborg (ikscrap)

charlie said...

I have an award for you lovely lady on my blog