Thursday, January 8, 2009

some of my beginner layoutS!

I want you to go down memory lane with me for a minute...go back 4 years...I just got a digital camera....I had fought my hubby, what if my computer is stolen by aliens and all my pictures are forever gone? I didn't like printing all them, and could not bring myself to cut the pictures for paper scrapping, so I began putting them on powerpoint presentations. Very raw, very blocky and I didn't discover shadows for a looooooooooooooooong time! I did a search for clip art (I had been in journalism in highschool in the early 80's and that is what we called it). Nothing, so then googled "scrapbooking freebies" and Pillowgirl was the first to pop up. My layouts begin to change with each freebie she gave away. These are two from a few years ago...
Well yesterday Pillowgirl issued a call for one person Happy Girl. I could not say no. This lady helped me so much years ago, learn how to do scrapbooking. I moved on to using PSE and am now playing with CS. I had stopped doing scraps on the web (uploading) for about 3 years. When we moved to Cali, I started playing again, due to my friend Alamama being involved with ScrapMatters and issuing a challenge. That brought my blog back to life! ha ha
so now I am the Happy Girl for Pillowgirl...this means I am heading up her RAKs, and spreading happinesss to the world one kit at a time.
I am excited to be able to give back to some one who gave so much to me.
Stay tuned for lots a Happy Give Aways, I just have to find my wand............................................................
Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


Laura said...

Aww, what a great story!! I am excited for you to find your wand, lol! Welcome to MSS!!

eilajean said...

What a great tribute! My story is not much different than yours, in terms of how I started. I did alot of collaging in Photoshop because that is what I learned to use first. I discovered some pretty cool actions at Adobe Exchange, then I started to discover the different brushes. I got turned on to Creative Memories, then started finding a bunch of Freebies. I want to do photo books of family history... and scrapping is one great way to make it happen in a creative way. I want them to be beautiful, fun and creative, so that they will be treasured for generations.

Thank you for putting this out there,it has given me an idea that I will formulate and talk about later on my blog.

Man, I just wish I had your energy!

Have a super fantastic day!


Pillowgirl said...

I am so excited to work with you too! I am really amazed because we truly did grow up together in the way of the scrap world. You were scrapping, I was tinkering with photoshop trying my hand at designing. Who knew either of us would be as crazy addicted as we are now? haha