Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Saturday 24th-big day

This is Saturday at the church to be building. Dan came from Oroville at 9am and the boys worked all day, til almost 6 that evening! The wall went up, the door opening went in, the platform was built! I wanted to put it all in today, to share with my friends who sent us here! The awesome church of Alamogordo!!
The Platform goes up...there is Gman...holding the wood. Eric is going to help! Dan has a lot of patience! Tony is, he is helping! Anna made a statement, "This is so cool to see how the church is made, we get to see it all" Doesn't that just sum up pioneering? You get to see it all!
See the hole in the pink wall? Yeah Dan! See the new wall? Yeah Dan! That is Dan, the body going thru the new opening! The fan on the ceiling is also moved back...Yeah my honey! The black sinks are gone now, and the lovely plumbing is left! It will all be hidden behind a curtain....yeah Target! It is actually starting to look like a church! Yeah God! The kids love seeing it happen...
Eric got into helping...he has really stepped into a new realm since we got here. He is our head usher, and has one under him. Gman...who sometimes forgets that the offering bowl is not a hat or a baton that should be twirled. Needless to say, the sound of the bowl being dropped happens rather frequently. So Eric gives G the look (I think he learned it from me...maybe, my honey does a good one too).
Eric loves to help and he really does help. He fixed the bathroom door, it wouldn't lock, he took it apart and jimmied the thing, and now it wooks just fine!

My honey, officially the Pastor of a church with a building now! On the phone! He does more leg work on that phone...You can see how much weight he has lost...he has a this new work out program. It's called working minimum wage as a stocker for Target! tee hee...he is toting around bags of dogfood and movin' stuff up and down. Bending and lifting, it is like having a gym membership for free! I tell your our life has really changed! See the sky? We have had rain is wet and cold and damp...I am not complaining here, just stating fact.

This is the official picture of the day, because my daughter Absolutely got into the camera! ha ha...I usually give one of them the camera now, to get a different perspective and me in the pics! Abs is taking a picture of herself in one of the many mirrors still left from the beauty shop at our new church building...behind her is the reflection of our front door. It is backwards and plays a bit with my can see our Mazda minivans front end parked.

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