Monday, January 5, 2009

I am insane!

I need to be husband is right I thrive in chaos! Thrive! I can't just do a CT for one understanding Australian mom. I have to have 4 or 5, guest here and there, and then pick up a quick "please do now" one kit call and then take a picture everyday, and while your at it, join a race with 400 plus insane woman to scrap our way to the looney bin!
My dear friend Alamama over at Pressed Petals, (might be as insane as me, the woman has 4 blogs) and I are partners in goofiness for this NDiSB race. The first challenge was issued by Hummie (the guru of teaching others photoshop elements). She wanted us to tear a picture in 3 or more pieces. I was saddened,that brought dispair and gloom and seperation to mind. I looked thru the gallery over at NDiSB and saw some very sad layouts... divorce etc...I couldn't get my mind around the tearing...I had to change it to
Then I remembered my first pic of the year for the other challenge I am doing...take a pic a day, but I can't just take a picture, I have to journal a witty and snarky journal with it. I was so blown away that people read it and came back! aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaah
So here is the layout requested by the funny folks that comment on my other blog. Pop over there to get the "rest of the story"

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!

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Me said...

Hi From you insane partner! LO looks good!