Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Friday 23 January 2009

I am doin' a twice a week upload...but journalling the pics is very important to me...

Our kids hadn't seen the inside of the church yet. We went the first time and although they were with us...the landlady and the prior tenant were there and having 4 additional bodies looking around didn't seem good. ha ha... so they sat in the van and waited! Precious kids!

This is them (3 of 'em, I don't know where Gman is ) beginning their investigation, lead by my honey!

Right where Tony is will soon be a wall, those black squares are sinks (hair washing kind) come out and the platform will be there. See the magenta wall to the left? There will be a cut out door way there to get back to bathrooms all the way forward or turn left and thru another door to the other side of building. That is where the Sunday School room, Nursery and Ladies bathroom will be! The tile (lino) is in great shape! The trim on bottom is just like the trim in Alamogordo Church..woo woo! And the carpet for the platform is the industry in Alamo red zone at the altar thought...tee hee!

The back wall (the brown one with white square) will have a curtain across it...the plumbing is inside the wall! Unable to cap off at this point, will turn it so that we can put the deep sink (in the 3rd bathroom) on the back side of that wall. (Phase III or remodel)! ha ha

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Me said...

YESSSSSSSSS!!!!! I LOVE it!! This totally made my day, my week!!! I am so glad you're in a church now!!!