Sunday, January 11, 2009

struggling with two layouts

I have two layouts up on my screen, I think I went into blending mania...I hate these both...have you ever spent hours on a layout and just hit the old..delete or closed it and when it hit no and walk away....I am gonna do back in a minute.
There, I feel better, tomorrow is Monday the kidlets are going to school, I have my grocery list done, I am going shopping, my dishes will be done, I don't have 6 people eating at different times
I will scrap tomorrow, and tomorrow I officially become The Happy might want to come here and see how to win a free kit, no talent needed!
Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


Pillowgirl said...

I am sorry you didn't get the results you liked, but you gotta crack a few eggs to mae an omelette :) HA, you gotta crack a few eggs, I kill me. My mother would be so proud.

I am so excited for your Happiness to go wild tomorrow.

Julz said...

No NO No No No NO...
silly girl...NEVER do THAT!
save and walk away.. ONE day
you will come back to it and
it will all fall into place...
and it may turn out that you were
just a a click away from being
finished... :)

eilajean said...

Dearest Anne - You save it as a WIP (work in progress) While you are working on it, you think of what is not working for you... and if you are using Photoshop, you take the "eye" off the layer so you cannot see it. Sometimes, I will have 7 layers hidden - but I can bring them back or rearrange them - or do nothing with them at the end. When you have your "happy" layout and flatten, you let Photoshop disgard the hidden layers.

Today is a new day - you shall begin it well and serenely (I think that is Emerson)



alamama said...

HA! Me too. I do try to save.