Tuesday, January 27, 2009


I had let the day get away from me...forgetting why I do things. Then I went and got the kids from school, swung by the church to see my ever laboring hubby and came home to the sounds I love, kids boppin' around, doorbell ringing, and now drills being drilled by boys with extra wood to create with!

I had a relaxed day planned, of scrapping. I did a layout that I loved...I mean I smiled and remembered taking the picture. The people in the photo are our first convert to Jesus Christ here in Yuba hasn' t been easy peasy, but she is making it...and I love her!

I got it all done, and remembered that it had to have stars and the word dream..that was all wrong. Growl...challenges are to inspire not be regulators....I wanted to quit the race, admit the whole thing is dumb. But I hate to quit anything...I have 4 challenges I will complete the race with my dear partner.

I am supposed to guest CT next month, but am sending an email today that I have to decline the invitation. That is the right thing to do.

Here is the layout from my heart....I call it "give me Your eyes" I love that song, and it is my cry to have a heavenly vision for the lost and the potential that God has for each one I speak too. Ahhhhhhhhh....what a nice feeling, refocus...and be still!

credits are fun, because I can't tell you yet, but I wll soon, you so want this kit, it is a collab from a brand new store...with some designers that are going to blow the doors of the scrapping world right open! They are so good, and this kit is so HUGE!

Thanks for reading!

Never lose your joy!


charlie said...

oh Anne that is the most beautiful layout!!!!!!!Hope you are well..just dropping in to say Hi!

ValeriGail said...

Gorgeous layout, Anne!! Can not wait to see more about this store you are talking about.

I've got a little fun for you,

I am Challenging you!! Come by my blog to see the details. Info at the bottom of tomorrows (1/28/09) “Funny things Katelyn said” post! Hope you play along!

Pillowgirl said...

Anne, I love your kooky views on life :) If a challenge is supposed to be inspiration and it makes you spit out layouts as gorgeous as this, you are sure inspired!

Now get up, get out, and be happy. I order it lol.